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MacBook top skin sticker, black leather decal

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Available for ALL MacBook models! The Mac-Skin sticks on your MacBook as thin as a skin, is easy to apply and will leave no residue at all from the strong adhesive when you remove it.

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DID YOU KNOW? Very soon you’re gonna have a completely new MacBook with little money!


You’ll feel so proud when everybody starts touching your laptop and saying: “WOW, what’s that?”


Laser-cut to ensure it’s precision, the black leather skin simply sticks on to your MacBook as thin as a skin. The skin sticker is a cakewalk to apply and will leave no residue at all from the strong adhesive when you remove it.


Your black leather Mac-Skin will make you special

Why black leather? Well, black is the colour which makes you stand out of the crowd. It is elegantly and stylish at the same time. Furthermore, the haptic leather skin is a completely new experience with your MacBook!


Thus, the black leather skin makes a damn beautiful MacBook out of a … well… damn beautiful MacBook!

The Mac-Skins are available for ALL MacBook sizes, which you can choose in the top of this site. You need to  choose one of the following:


If you are not sure which size your MacBook is and which skin size you need to take, you can see HERE how you can find out your MacBook model/size.


MacBook skin advantages that will make you satisfied


  • Makes people turn heads and say “WOW
  • Gives your device a facelift and makes you feel like having a brand new MacBook
  • Protects your MacBook from (or hides) scrapes and scratches.
  • Easy installation: We use pressure sensitive adhesive, so when finished with adjusting, gently press it down until totally fixed.
  • High grade quality PVC+ waterproof protective film skins with environment-friendly paint, which is non-toxic, formaldehyde-free and durable – it will last for years if you like.
  • Totally removable with no residue at all from the strong adhesive
  • Due to the cut out apple logo you can always tell it is a MacBook while keeping it protected and stylish at the same time.


Believe me: It feels like having a completely new MacBook with your new Mac-Skin. I fell in love with my MacBook again the minute I applied my first skin - I felt like one of a kind. That was the moment when I started out with Mac-Skins because I wanted people to feel the same - to fall in love. Again.



Founder of Mac-Skins

You’ll be one of a kind with the thinnest cover ever

You might’ve just had the thought of buying a heavy MacBook hard cover, right before you found these awesome Mac-Skins, right? Let’s state it: People buy bulky MacBook Pro hard covers and eventually don’t use them too often. With our MacBook skins, you can get something much better, thinner and durable:


Give your  MacBook a whole new look with the Mac-Skin stickers. You simply need to peel and stick them on your MacBook and enjoy the awesome material thereafter.


How to apply the skin on your MacBook

It is very easy to install the MacBook skin on your own. It is totally removable without leaving any residue!


Every skin has a peel + stick feature you can apply within minutes. Therefore it’s an awesome and easy way to customize your MacBook that will surely turn heads and make your MacBook an eye-catcher among friends and family.


See the instructions in detail HERE.



You might feel a bit insecure about applying the skin. WE KNOW OUR CUSTOMERS. But we are that sure,  you will not have any problems applying the skin, that we decided to get you another Mac-Skin FOR FREE if you mess it up. YESS, you’ve heard right! We will make sure you are happy with our Mac-Skins.


How it works? Well, it will not happen in 99,99 % of all cases, for sure, but if, IF you mess it up for some reason, don’t worry. Just send us a picture of your mess and we will send you the same skin FOR FREE.


As a result, you can combine the modern beauty of your laptop with a breath-taking look, only possible with this sophisticated high quality Macbook skin decal.


So, now it’s time to stop reading or hesitating and just buy that epic shit! 😊


How you can get the most out of this offer


With this product, you will receive our most popular skin, which is the top skin for your MacBook. The top skin is the skin with the apple logo cut out for the outer side of your MacBook.


If you want your entire MacBook (top + bottom) covered with a decal skin, you have the possibility to also buy the bottom skin for a special price and the trackpad skin with the following offer. Click “Select options” to choose the size of your device and add it to the cart:



What Instagram influencers say after using our Mac-Skins


Since I got my Mac-Skin, people would stop and say: "WOW, what's that?" People are used to common hard covers, but these Mac-Skins are so thin that you don't even recognize it as a third party product. I LOVE IT!

Perrine Merenne

Perrine Merenne

Instagram influencer website

Being a musician means standing out of the crowd and being one of a kind. This does not only apply to my profession, but also to my private life. With my wooden MacBook skin, people recognize me far away from main stream, it just looks special.

Deni beat

Deni beat

Music artist website

Additional information

Choose model

MacBook 12, MacBook Air 11, MacBook Air 13, MacBook Pro 13 (before 09/2012), MacBook Pro 15 (before 09/2012), MacBook Pro Retina 13, MacBook Pro Retina 15, MacBook Pro/Pro Touchbar 13 (2016+), MacBook Pro 15 (2016+)

Choose skin

Only top skin, Top + bottom skin (+ 19 €), Top + bottom (19€ ) + trackpad skin (3 €)

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