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    Laser-cut to ensure it’s precision, the 12-inch MacBook skin simply sticks on to your MacBook as thin as a skin. The skin sticker is a cakewalk to apply and will leave no residue at all from the strong adhesive when you remove it.

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    Product Description

    Laser-cut to ensure it’s precision, the 12-inch MacBook skin simply sticks on to your MacBook as thin as a skin. The skin sticker is a cakewalk to apply and will leave no residue at all from the strong adhesive when you remove it.


    Carbon-fibre red MacBook Skin

    Why carbon-fibre red? Well, red is the colour which catches everyone’s attention. It is beautiful and stylish at the same time and makes your MacBook even more individual.


    Furthermore, the haptic carbon-fibre pattern is a completely new experience with your MacBook – you can only tell when you feel it.


    Thus, the red carbon-fibre pattern makes a damn beautiful MacBook out of a … well… damn beautiful MacBook! 😊


    The thinnest MacBook cover ever

    You might’ve just had the thought of buying a MacBook cover, right before you found these awesome MacBook skins, right? Let’s state it: People buy those bulky MacBook hard covers and eventually never use them. As a result, you can get something much better, smaller and thinner:


    Give your 12-inch MacBook a whole new look with the MacBook 12-inch skin stickers. These are made out of high quality PVC+ Waterproof protective film skins with pressure sensitive adhesive. You simply need to peel and stick them on your MacBook and enjoy the cool material thereafter.


    Every skin has a peel + stick feature you can apply within minutes. Therefore it’s an awesome and easy way to customize your MacBook that will surely turn heads and make your MacBook an eye-catcher among friends and family.


    MacBook skin advantages

    1. Protect your MacBook from scrapes and scratches.
    2. Easy installation, totally removable with no residue, easy to put on and take off. So you can exchange your MacBook skins as often as you want!
    3. You can always tell it is a MacBook while keeping it protected and stylish at the same time.


    Seems like you will get a MacBook accessory that is as sophisticated as your MacBook itself, huh?


    How to apply the MacBook skin

    It is very easy to install the MacBook skin on your own. See the instructions in detail HERE  – check out also the tutorial video! Please note, that the delivery includes only the TOP part of the MacBook skin.


    High-quality skins

    We only use high grade quality PVC+ Waterproof protective film skins for our new 12 ” MacBook  skin. That means, that your 12-inch Apple MacBook from now uses the highest quality skins you can imagine. We are using environment-friendly paint, which is non-toxic, formaldehyde-free and durable.


    No matter if you want your new MacBook to shine with beautiful skins, or if you want to hide scrapes and scratches of the MacBook surface. Our premium quality skins for your 12“ MacBook fit perfectly either way.


    As a result, you can combine the modern beauty of your laptop with a breath-taking look, only possible with this sophisticated high quality 12″ MacBook skin sticker.


    So, now it’s time to stop reading or hesitating and just buy that epic shit! 😊 


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