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    Product Description

    Kjore Projects Laptop Sleeve Envelope is the best answer to your Macbook, available for 13-inch & 15-inch.


    Useful to prevent scratches and bumps, allows you to wrap your laptop in an inner skin soft and unlined, easy to fit in any bag or backpack. Also usable as a document holder or small clutch bag.


    What better way to store your MacBook with your new Mac-Skins, huh? 😊 Moreover, kjøre project envelopes  are unique and extremely long-lasting:


    Highest leather quality – handmade

    For the brand kjøre project it is very important to pick the right materials coming entirely from New Zealand and Europe, treated with the most ancient techniques of tanning.


    Using only the finest leathers, submitted to kjøre’s treatments to obtain unique accessories characterized by signs of rough skin – the strongest leather, but incredibly soft. The scars, scratches, veins and wrinkles that give each piece its unique character, have not been sanded down or buffed.


    Each piece is hand made, hand cut by the finest craftsmen, transmitting their incredible experience. Characterized by its unique patina and changing over time, donated by the best leather used in our products.


    Even more beautiful over time

    All kjøre project ‘s products improve with time. Instead of peeling and cracking like painted chromium tanned leathers do, Origins leather develops its own patina, changing gradually in appearance and taking on the character of its user over time.


    Kjøre project’s Laptop Sleeve Envelope is what can be used daily and encloses the versatility of an unisex clutch bag. Kjøre is a Scandinavian brand with a Norwegian name, whereas the laptop envelopes are produced out of  supreme Italian raw materials.


    Packaging in cotton.

    Additional Information

    MacBook size

    MacBook Air 13, MacBook Pro 13, MacBook Pro 15, MacBook Pro Retina 13, MacBook Pro Retina 15


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